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Hybrid Roof System

Hayco installs and carries any type of roof. Above and beyond our expert installation and use of quality materials, Hayco has developed what we refer to as our HYBRID ROOF SYSTEM. We strongly recommend it to be installed along with any new materials, except wood shakes. With our exclusive combination of radiant barrier and full synthetic underlayment that will outlast most roofs along with strategically placed eave vents (at the lower part of the roof) and concealed ridge vents (at the top of the roof), we will keep your attic temperature close to the same as the ambient air outside, which is the best that can be accomplished. We are receiving reports from customers that have this system. They are enjoying huge savings on their electric bills.

HAYCO'S All-In-One New Hybrid Roof Energy Upgrade System


The first step of the hybrid system is selecting roofing material. For example, Our lifetime composition shingle, that is Energy Star Rated.


Upgraded Synthetic Underlayment
  • Designed to perform under extreme weather
  • 30-Year Limited Warranty
  • Offers long-term moisture protection for your roof compared to standard felt underlayment
  • Acts as a non-absorbent, secondary water-shredding barrier
  • Reduces water intrusion when exposed, which could lead to mold and premature roof failure
  • Durable synthetic construction resists tearing
  • Stays intact in high winds
  • Reduces the chance for tears that cause leaks due to unique bottom surface coating compared to felt underlayment
  • Will not burn up due to radiant barrier installed under roof decking compared to felt underlayment


Intake and Exhaust Ventilation Method
  • Further reduce your utility bills
  • Lengthen roof life by keeping shingles cooler
  • Add resale value to your home
  • Reduces damaging condensation
  • Protects insulation from moisture saturation
  • Fights mold and fungal decay


The perfect finishing touch for your new roof should be a venting ridge cap system.
  • Accentuate the natural beauty of your newly installed architectural shingle roof (or even add dimension and depth to a strip shingle roof)
  • Ensure multi-layer protection at the highest-stress areas of your roof (the hips and ridges)
  • Provide venting for your attic that will allow heat and moisture to escape


Installation of Blown Insulation
  • Adjustable, easily controls the level of insulation you will need thus varying the R-value (i.e. blow in so much inches for an R-value of 12, and so many more inches until you have an R-value of 49
  • Made of virgin materials, reduces the changes of allergies
  • Tighter fit and seal, blown into tiny crevices, direct around existing corners, beams or wiring
  • Fast and clean, material is mixed and expanded inside a self-feeding integrated matching, providing easy clean-up and little dust production - total job averages less than 4 hours
  • Extremely energy efficient keeps its R-value over time because it does not settle and is moisture-resistant to prevent fungus or mold growth
  • Only 12 inches gives your attic floor an R-value of 30
  • R-38 is the new requirement for new construction
  • Existing insulation (4" inches" along with 12" inches of blown insulation on top, integrated with radiant barrier and super attic ventilation, your home will have an R-value of 53. Enough to save its cost in energy bills.


Radiant Barrier Installation Method
  • Two-sided reflecting 99% pure aluminum foil
  • Reflects 97% of the radiant heat in your attic which can lower your attic temperature by as much as 50 degrees
  • Saves up to 35% on your heating and cooling costs
  • Permanent and never needs to be retouched or reapplied
  • Your AC lasts longer because it is working less
  • Cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter
  • Energy Star Rated
  • Class A Fire Rated