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HAYCO can handle your exterior carpentry needs, from replacing fascia to building a patio. Please call us to schedule a free estimate.


fascia carpentry
Over time, painted wood fascia and overhangs can develop dry rot and warp, diminishing the exterior appearance of your home.
HAYCO can repair the fascia and overhang on your home to eliminate this unsightly appearance.


siding carpentry
New siding can make a major impact on the appearance of your home. Besides the immediate cost, homeowners should consider the insulation value, maintenance requirements, and longevity of the material to be used.
HAYCO can review the siding styles, colors and finishes available and walk you through the pros and cons of each option.


patio carpentry
Expand your living space with a patio or gazebo. Patio structures can be attached to your home or be free-standing.
HAYCO can turn your idea into a functional outdoor living space.


dry rot repair
Where there is wood, water and warm weather there is rot. It happens to the best of homes. Most rot damage can easily be repaired.
HAYCO will locate the moisture problem causing the dry rot and repair that issue before making the actual dry rot repair.